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PGW Pokemon Breeding

March 5, 2010

yup nighthawk and i are starting a egg breeder business comment here to order soon we will make a page for this

~~~~WE SELL~~~~






tat is all

so gtg bbl and all

//////remember ~HG~and~SS~coverage\\\\\\

~~~~~teh pokemanager~~~~~


HG/SS coverage

March 5, 2010

here at PGW (PokeGaun Wars) we are going to give you our loyal viewers coerage from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver from day 1.  MARCH 14 2010 thats the day me and nighthawk get SoulSilver so when it happens we will give you our complete trust  that we will make a guide we will use a page to make a written guide we will also give spiky eared pichu event coverage so on the day of the 14th we will start the page so be ready

yours truely


Hai Fans

March 4, 2010

Hello this is a Pokemon bakugan and star wars fan website if you want to join us to post news you can comment WP email well this is the end of our first post so baiz